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Standard of 6063 Aluminum Profiles

May 21, 2021

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6063 aluminum alloy is widely used in the frame of building aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls. In order to ensure that doors, windows and curtain walls have high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decoration performance, the comprehensive performance requirements of aluminum alloy profiles are much higher than those in industry Profile standards. It belongs to the Al-Mg-Si series alloy and has a wide range of applications, especially in the construction industry, which is inseparable from this alloy. It is the most promising alloy. Good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength.



① Aluminum alloy material. The main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon, which have excellent processing properties, excellent weldability, extrudability and electroplating properties, good corrosion resistance, toughness, easy polishing, color film, and excellent anodizing effects, which are typical Extruded alloy. 6063 aluminum alloy profiles are widely used in construction profiles, irrigation pipes, vehicles, benches, furniture, etc. due to their good plasticity, moderate heat treatment strength, good welding performance, and gorgeous surface color after anodizing treatment. Tubes, rods and profiles used for, elevators, fences, etc.


② It is a low-alloyed Al-Mg-Si series high plastic alloy. Has many valuable features:
1. Strengthened by heat treatment, high impact toughness, insensitive to notches.
2. With good thermoplasticity, it can be extruded into various shapes with complex structure, thin-walled and hollow at high speed, or forged into complex forgings. The quenching temperature range is wide and the quenching sensitivity is low. After extrusion and forging demoulding, as long as the temperature is higher than the quenching temperature, it can be quenched by water spraying or penetration. Thin-walled parts (δ<3mm) can also be wind quenched.
3. Excellent welding performance and corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency. Among the heat-treatable aluminum alloys, the Al-Mg-Si series alloy is the only alloy that has no stress corrosion cracking.
4. After processing, the surface is very smooth and easy to anodize and color. The disadvantage is that after quenching, if it is parked at room temperature for a period of time, the aging will have an adverse effect on the strength (parking effect).


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Product Usage:

1. The application of strip is widely used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries.

2. Aerospace aluminum is used to make aircraft skins, fuselage frames, girders, rotors, propellers, fuel tanks, siding and landing gear pillars, as well as rocket forging rings, spacecraft siding, etc.

3. Aluminium materials for transportation are used in the body structure materials of automobiles, subway cars, railway passenger cars, high-speed passenger cars, doors and windows, shelves, automobile engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, body panels, wheels and naval materials.

4. Aluminum materials for packaging All-aluminum easy-open cans are mainly used as metal packaging materials in the form of thin plates and foils to make cans, lids, bottles, barrels, and packaging foils. It is widely used in the packaging of beverages, food, cosmetics, medicines, cigarettes, and industrial products.

5. Aluminum materials for printing are mainly used to make PS plates, and aluminum-based PS plates are a new type of material in the printing industry for automated plate making and printing.

6. Aluminum for architectural decoration. Aluminum alloy is widely used in building frames, doors and windows, suspended ceilings, decorative surfaces, etc. because of its good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance. Such as various architectural doors and windows, aluminum profiles for curtain walls, aluminum curtain wall panels, profiled panels, checkered panels, color coated aluminum panels, etc.

7. Aluminum materials for electronic appliances are mainly used in various fields such as bus bars, overhead wires, conductors, electrical components, refrigerators, air conditioners, and cables. Specification: round rod, square rod.


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