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Tile Trim For Aluminium Extrusion Profile Professional Supplier

Tile Trim For Aluminium Extrusion Profile Professional Supplier

  • Material
    Tile Trim For Aluminium Extrusion Profile
  • Punching Hole Shape
    Round/ Oval/ Letter/ Customized
  • Product Name
    Aluminium Trim Strip
  • Surface Treatment
  • Application
  • Tile Accessory Type
    Tile Trims,Aluminum Alloy
  • Name
    Customized Metal Tile Trims
  • Thickness
    0.4mm-2mm,or Customized
  • Type
    The Tile Edge Trims Made For Aluminium Profile
  • Color
  • Feature
    High Quality
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100 Meters
  • Price
    1-5 dollors / Meter
  • Packaging Details
    The wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    5-10 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union, D/A
  • Supply Ability
    100000 Meters per day

Tile Trim For Aluminium Extrusion Profile Professional Supplier


Name curved tile edge trim, round edge tile trim, white tile edge trim, 8mm chrome tile trim, chrome tile edge trim, aluminium square edge trim
Material High Quality Aluminium 6063
Right Angle Size 15mm / 2.5cm, other size 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm
Length 2.5m or 2.7m, can be customized
Surface Treatment Anodised, polished, powder coating, mill finish, others
Color Silver or other color can be made,such as Shiny Gold, Matt Gold, Rose Gold,Champagne, Glossy Bronze
Feature High quality, Anti-scratch, Anti-deformation, waterproof
Package Stick transparent film every piece, 100 pieces in 1 carton
Application Tile Protection Tile Decoration, Floor, Door, Window
Installation Introduce Using silicone glue / titebond paste to bond with other materials such as brick, stone, wood, glass.


A. What is an tile edge trim?
When laying the floor or ceramic tiles, in order to make the ground smooth and beautiful, we must use the edge strips to "close the edges" according to the situation. For example, when laying the floor, we don't want the skirting line. There is a gap between the corner and the floor edge to cause the ground. Instability and other problems, we all need edge trims to solve such problems.

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B. Practical skills for buying tile edge trims:

1. Use edge strips to make the floor flat against the ground more stable
Edge trim is an important accessory for ground building materials. It is widely used in daily home decoration, especially if tiles or wood boards of the same color are used for laying, then edge trim is an excellent way to separate space.
Different edge trims are suitable for different floor materials, and according to the different manufacturing places, the product materials of the edge trims will also be different, but the thicker the material, the stronger the use and the higher the price. We can Home improvement style to choose.

Tile Trim For Aluminium Extrusion Profile Professional Supplier 1


2. Buy and pay attention to the difference in color system to avoid visual inconsistency
Because the edge trim is practically matched with the exposed floor material, when purchasing, pay special attention to the color difference between the edge trim material and the floor material to avoid visual inconsistency.

Tile Trim For Aluminium Extrusion Profile Professional Supplier 2


3. Wood and ceramic tiles are added to the edge trim to enhance the stability
The addition of wood and ceramic tiles to the edge strips can enhance the stability of the ground material on both sides to the ground. The edge strips can also be used as walls or pillars or as a belt to decorate the vertical edge of the ground to modify the appearance.

Tile Trim For Aluminium Extrusion Profile Professional Supplier 3


4. Ingenious use of inter-seam shrinkage strips
If you are worried about the thermal expansion and contraction of floor tiles or wood after a long period of time, or swelling and cutting people, you can add elastic rubber interstitial shrinkage strips, which are also a kind of edge trimming strips. You can place them when you use them. Only the corner of the house can be laid in the center of the two tiles.



5. It can be matched with related corner accessories
When the straight edge trim cannot be used at the corner of the tile, you can use related corner accessories, such as outer corners, etc.