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Waterproof Aluminum Skirting Board Kitchen Cabinet

Waterproof Aluminum Skirting Board Kitchen Cabinet

  • High Light

    Waterproof Aluminum Skirting Board


    2mm curved skirting board


    Electrophoresis Aluminum Skirting Board

  • Material
    Aluminium Extrusion Profile
  • Punching Hole Shape
    Round/ Oval/ Letter/ Customized
  • Surface Treatment
    Anodized, Polished
  • Application
  • Tile Accessory Type
    Tile Trims,Aluminum Alloy
  • Product Name
    Customized Waterproof Brush Aluminum Baseboard Skirting Panel Covers Kitchen Cabinet Plinth Pvc Skirting Board
  • Thickness
    0.4mm-2mm,or Customized
  • Type
    Stairs Edge Trim
  • Color
    Silver,White, Black, Customized
  • Feature
    High Quality
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100 Meters
  • Price
    1-5 dollors / Meter
  • Packaging Details
    The wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    5-10 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union, D/A
  • Supply Ability
    100000 Meters per day

Waterproof Aluminum Skirting Board Kitchen Cabinet

Customized Waterproof Brush Aluminum Baseboard Skirting Panel Covers Kitchen Cabinet Plinth Pvc Skirting Board

Name grey skirting boards, skirting line, aluminum skirting board, baseboard radiator, good thermal conductivity, copper metal, common name, curved skirting board, wall and floor, pvc skirting board, waterproof skirting boards
Material Aluminium Extrusion Profile, Alloy 6063/6061/6005/6060 T5/T6
Shape Flat, U-Shape, Round or Customized, L, various shapes
Length 2.5m or 2.7m, can be customized
Surface Treatment Anodized, Polished, Electrophoresis, 8K, Brushed, Electroplate
Color Sliver, Black, white, Gray, customized
Feature Waterproof, Durable, Water Resistant, Easy clean, Decoration
Package Stick transparent film every piece, 100 pieces in 1 carton
Application Industial, kitchen canbinet, door, Floor, wall
Installation Introduce Using silicone glue / titebond paste to bond with other materials such as brick, stone, wood, glass.


Waterproof Aluminum Skirting Board Kitchen Cabinet 0


What material is better for skirting?

Personally, I think it is better to use aluminum alloy for the skirting.

People nowadays basically don't pay much attention to the small details of the skirting line, but they will find that when they choose the skirting line, they often step on the pit. But don't worry about the skirting.

The role of skirting is very powerful, it protects our walls, floors and floor tiles, and it can also make our houses look more advanced. Those ditch corners are not easy to leak water, or some bad things happen.

So when choosing floor tiles, be sure to choose the baseboards together so that they have a coordinated match. While the skirting protects the wall, it also gives us an exquisite feeling.


Then there are many types of baseboards, such as wood, ceramic tiles, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, glass, PVC, etc., so when we choose, the most important thing is Pay attention to whether its comprehensive quality is in line with us.


Waterproof Aluminum Skirting Board Kitchen Cabinet 1

The first point to consider is whether it is suitable for coordination with the installed floor. The combination of white floor tiles and black skirting will look very advanced, but if the red floor tiles and green skirting line, it will be very abrupt.

The second point to consider is whether the material of the skirting line is very hard and the life span is very long? If it breaks after two days, or it falls off after a little touch, then why do we buy this kind of skirting? Therefore, it is not recommended to choose some glass or ceramic tiles, because a slight bump may cause a crack, which is very ugly.


Waterproof Aluminum Skirting Board Kitchen Cabinet 2

PVC is also relatively strong, but although it is an imitation wood texture, it is not very real compared to wood. Moreover, this kind of PVC is similar to plastic for a long time and is easy to rot. Whether it is made of wood or plastic, a pit will come out if you touch it a little harder. Stainless steel is generally too expensive. The tiles may crack if they are touched hard. So the one I recommend most is aluminum alloy. Although the price is not particularly cheap, it has the advantages of the above, and it will not deform as easily as the above, and will not fade. There is no problem with bumps.